Meet our legal team

Tabitha Brincat


Tabitha has served clients as a family law attorney since 2009. She began her legal career in Southern California and moved back to Oregon in 2012 to continue her career in family law. She worked at a law firm in Portland before opening her own practice in 2016.

Jordan Michael New


Jordan is a seasoned trial attorney, with experience in criminal, personal injury, and family law. His familiarity with several areas of law allow him to handle a wide variety of cases and to look at each case from several different perspectives. As you might imagine, the issues addressed in criminal, divorce, and personal injury cases often overlap. When they do, Mr. New is able to provide insight that would not occur to attorneys with less breadth of experience.

Mr. New works for his clients to achieve expedient, affordable, and appropriate resolutions to their legal issues. Whether by agreement of the parties, determination of the court, or trial, he fights enthusiastically for his clients’ rights.

Amber Gransbury


Amber is an exceptional legal professional who has spent her entire career as a paralegal working in family law. Her extensive knowledge in the field facilitates flexible and expedient services for our clients.

Joshua Gilchrist


Josh began working as a paralegal in 2011 and has worked exclusively in Oregon Family Law. He is not only an experienced and extremely knowledgeable resource, but he truly cares about our clients and goes out of his way to make sure that every client receives the timely attention and care that they deserve.

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